In the past 50 years, Balikbayan Handicrafts has established its trade name given its proven track record and management’s formidable experience in the business of retail, export, wholesale, manufacturing, and shipment of Philippine handicrafts.

Situated in the Central Business Districts of Makati City and Pasay City, the two (2) major stores of Balikbayan Handicrafts have showroom areas of approximately 2,300 sqm each, featuring a wide of unique, traditional, functional, and innovative Philippine handicrafts ranging from wood furniture pieces and fixtures such as classic Kamagong bed, 12-foot long Narra console tables, 18-foot hand-carved Acacia sculptures to shell collection consisting of Mother-of-Pearl picture frames, jewelry boxes, home decors, and cutlery, to name a few.

Balikbayan Handicrafts also revels in its Pearl and Coral jewelry collection on top of its intricately-designed Jusi and Piña table covers and runners as well as handy souvenir and novelty items. The extensive product lines of Balikbayan Handicrafts exhibit the Filipino craftsmanship and creativity in utilizing indigenous raw materials, namely: wood, shells, fiber, paper, bamboo, vines, resin, leaves, metal, and clay, among others from the different regions of the Philippines.

Balikbayan Handicrafts can boast of its strong network of suppliers from the different provinces of the Philippines to match its in-house production of wood products. This can be attested to by its favorable relationships with the suppliers, attendant to its constant supply of indigenous raw materials and hand-crafted merchandise over the years.

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